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Top 10 Beverly Hills 90210 Sports Moments

Slightly delayed, I realize. But in honor of the Superbowl today, I thought I would present to you the top 10 sports moments of Beverly Hills 90210.


1. Jimbo and his sweat stains look on in anguish as Brandon scores the winning basket.

2. This kid is fed up with someone’s shit. …Probably Brandon’s.

3. Steve fails at standing upright.

4. Kyle wants “10 big ones” from Brandon.

5. Dylan and Kelly are going in different directions.(And they clearly suck at volleyball.)

6. Steve makes a winning basket. The entire Walsh family loses their shit.

7. The entire universe stops to watch Rush Sanders make a putt.

8.CU’s scary-ass bird mascot takes up permanent residence in the refrigerator.

9. Nat makes an appearance in a cheesy 70’s(?) roller derby movie.


10. Brandon “stands up” to his hockey nemesis. Someone should have given him a step stool.



There are surprisingly not as many as I initially thought, so this post isn’t the greatest, but I hope you enjoyed!

Top 15 Christmas Moments

Similar to the Thanksgiving moment countdown, but probably better because there were more Christmas episodes.

1. Kelly doesn’t understand the concept of egg whites.


2. Dylan notices that Brandon’s tree has a funny odour.


3. The laws of Physics get put aside in the spirit of Christmas.


4. Dylan DOES NOT want to be Santa Claus.


5. Andrea thinks that this is an appropriate outfit to wear to a midnight Mass.


6. David can’t take a hint.


7. Hannah is overcome with Christmas spirit.


8. Donna doesn’t understand ribbon.


9. Kelly and Valerie are capable of physical contact that doesn’t involve some sort of slap and/or punch.


10. Samantha and the Chancellor make their guests flee serenade the party.


11. The blonde kid shatters Zack’s hopes and dreams about Santa.


12. Donna takes it upon herself to break into and decorate Noah’s boat.


13. Noah hires the wrong kind of Santa.


14. Noah gives Donna a breakfast that just screams “Christmas”. A croissant with a candle in it.


15. David and Dylan share a bro-tastic hug at the Christmas tree lot.


Merry Christmas!

Top 10 90210 Birthday Moments I’m Glad Haven’t Happened To Me


In honor of that, I present you with a list of “Top 10 90210 Birthday Moments I’m Glad Haven’t Happened To Me”. 

Please enjoy:

1. I’m glad I haven’t felt the need to stare at the ceiling because everyone forgot my birthday, and I’ve been drinking:

2. I’m glad I didn’t accidentally shoot myself in the stomach with a gun:

3. I’m glad I didn’t make my friends wear these hats:

4. I’m glad I didn’t try to starve myself and subsequently put a damper on my party because I almost died.

5. I’m glad my boyfriend didn’t decide to dump me because I wasn’t putting out.

6. I’m glad my boyfriend didn’t give me a painting of Jesus dancing on a birthday cake:

7. I’m glad my boyfriend didn’t decide to buy me this damn bird:

8. I’m glad my friends didn’t get me a cake with my face on it.:

9. I’m glad I didn’t have this reaction to a surprise party.:


10. I’m glad I didn’t get tricked into bringing my sort-of-girlfriend to my birthday party, only to have her steal my car when she got there.:


Top 10 Thanksgiving Moments

Okay, so I celebrated Thanksgiving a month ago up in Canada, but I know today is Turkey Day down in the good old U S of A. So here are my Top 10 Thanksgiving moments from all 10 seasons of Beverly Hills 90210.

1. Dylan and his father have a loving family dinner together:

2. Jim and Brandon brave the storm to try and fix their leaky roof (Or…watch someone else fix their roof…):

3. Steve and this other random guy stop John Sears from becoming a featured story on “To Catch A Predator”.:

4. Emily makes the world’s best turkey dinner. Brandon is thrilled.:

5. The gang buys enough food to feed the entire continent of Africa.:

6. David’s mother tells Valerie how to cook her breasts.:

7. Valerie shows us the true meaning of Thanksgiving.:

8. Dylan returns because Kelly didn’t have enough drama in her life.:

9. Nat plots someone’s murder via whipped cream cans.:

10. David presents Gina with…some sort of ugly plant.:

Top 10 Steve Sanders Faces - Season 10

Last one, I swear.


1. The “Feeling Pretty Good About Myself” Face 

2. The “Dad, You’re Totally Embarrassing Me” Face

3. The “Afraid Of Everything” Face 

4. The “Officially Panicking!” Face 

5. The “Honey, This Egg Nog Is Delicious” Face 

6. The “I Totally Slept With Our Nanny” Face 

7. The “But I’m The Sausage King!” Face 

8. The “Oh Goooood For Youuuuu!” Face 

9. The “Give Stevie The Dead Bunny” Face

10. The “Damn, You’re Totally Not A Chick Either!” Face 


Alright, that’s it for this photo series. More coming soon! 

Top 10 Steve Sanders Faces - Season 9

Almost done, I promise.


1. The “Overwhelmed With Sexual Tension” Face 

2. The “My Mother Is A Lesbian” Face 

3. The “Just Shoot Me” Face 

4. The “Winning!” Face 

5. The “I’m Totally Gonna Make Money Off Of This” Face 

6. The “What The Hell Was In That Shampoo?” Face 

7. The “Mama Just Killed A Man” Face 

8. The “No Body Here, Have A Nice Day” Face 

9. The “Not Sure If Trolling Or Actually Hypnotized” Face 

10. The “Hello, My Name Is Steve And I’m A Sex Addict” Face 

Top 10 Steve Sanders Faces - Season 8

This is a fun game…


1. The “Congratulations, You Are NOT The Father!” Face 

2. The “Sexy Times, Interrupted” Face 

3. The “I’m Clearly A Comedic Genius” Face 

4. The “I Thought Too Hard And My Brain Broke” Face

5. The “Please Leave, You’re Bothering Me” Face 

6. The “Don’t Talk To Me Before Noon” Face 

7. The “I Just Got Dumped” Face 

8. The “Should’ve Brought An Extra Pair Of Underwear” Face 

9. The “I Just Realized I’m Kind Of A Pervert” Face

BONUS PHOTO SERIES! 10. The “Steve Meets A Witch” Face Progression 

Top 10 Steve Sanders Faces - Season 7

I just can’t get enough…


1. The “Unexpected Babe Sighting” Face

2. The “Stuck In Mid Sentence” Face

3. The “10000% Done With Everything” Face 

4. The “Awkward Family Dinner” Face 

5. The “I Smell A Plan” Face 

6. The “Zombie” Face

7. The “Please Help Me, I’m Falling” Face 

8. The “What Have I Gotten Myself Into?” Face 

9. The “Squishy Face” Face

10. The “Praise Jesus, It’s Over!” Face 

Top 10 Steve Sanders Faces - Season 6

I wish I had as many expressions as this guy.


1. The “Someone Please Get Me More Wine” Face 

2. The “I Know What You Did Last Summer” Face 

3. The “I Could Not Be More Confused Right Now” Face 

4. The “Porno Role Of A Lifetime” Face 

5. The “Behold, The Naked Ladies” Face 

6. The “Sex Or Video Games?” Face 

7. The “You’re My Real Daddy?” Face 

8. The “You’re Definitely Not A Chick Flashback” Face 

9. The “Please Just Kill Me” Face 

10. The “I’d Scream, But It Would Hurt Too Much” Face 

BONUS! 11. The “Cartoon Character” Face

The Top 10 Steve Sanders Faces - Season 5

It never ends.


1. The “Here We Go Again” Face 

2. The “My Life Just Really Sucks Right Now” Face 

3. The “I’m Just Going To Scare The Crap Out Of Your Baby” Face 

4. The “Old People Jokes” Face

5. The “I’m A Sophisticated Man” Face 

6. The “Sensitive Crying” Face 

7. The “Srsly?” Face 

8. The “Bout To Get Some Booty” Face 

9. The “You’re Definitely Not A Chick!” Face

10. The “Don’t Mind My Friend, He’s Just Drunk And Disorderly” Face 

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