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Episode 9x07: You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Beverly Hills 90210 - Season 9

Episode 9x07 - You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello


My Alternate Title: - "Ding Dong, The Witch Is…Oh Crap, There’s Another One?"


Quick Recap: Steve and Janet spent a romantic night together in a frozen meat locker.

Valerie is having issues. Noah is having issues. 


Quick Overview: Donna’s cousin - Gina - arrives in town. She will eventually make Valerie look like a Saint…

Steve and Janet are awkward at the moment.

David has a one night stand with someone who turns out to be 17.

Valerie decides to go back to Buffalo.



-Again, how’s that AA going for you? 

-Donna discovers that she’s obviously missed something between Steve and Janet.

-In about 2 seconds, this is going to turn into angry sex. 

-I hope this chick realizes that the radio booth has a giant window in the front…as in, everyone can see you. 

-The girl that David slept with left her pager at his house. He calls the number and finds out it’s her mother…and that the chick is only 17. How did she even get into the club?

-Matt is practicing his dance moves…alone…in his office.

-Steve says he’s not jealous that Janet is seeing other people. I think Steve is lying. 

-Valerie rejects Kelly’s offer to help with Thanksgiving dinner by throwing the turkey out the door. Is there some phrase about throwing the turkey out with the bathwater or something that would be appropriate in this situation? 

-Noah looks really into this… 

-Holy smokes. Someone in the group is finally a lawyer, and all of a sudden everyone has major legal drama.

-That’s my kind of Thanksgiving. 

-I think Kelly and Valerie just became kind of friends. I mean…wow, okay. 

-Cheers to Valerie leaving!

-Farewell, Valerie. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually kind of sad to see you go. I don’t exactly understand it myself, but at least you kept things interesting. 

-Well, that escalated quickly. 




You look great to drive, Noah. 

-So, Matt realized that he wasn’t going to get with Donna, so he’s switched his attention to Kelly.

-Gina’s only been on this show for about five minutes, and she’s already lied about 5 times. I can tell this is going to be fun…

-Denise’s parents want to report David to the police for sleeping with their 17 year old daughter without knowing how old she was, after she snuck into the club underage and seduced him and lied about her age.

-Oh yeah, a slight aside - Noah hit some kid while he was drunk and the kid died. Just…you know, FYI.

-So, when Gina says she’ll “be there for Donna”, what she really means is “I’ll flirt with Noah”.

-Okay, so Noah didn’t actually hit and kill a kid. It was some old lady in Pasadena. So, Noah just drove like a maniac and crashed his car into a dumpster.


Favorite Quotations:

Denise: You’re out late.

David: Yeah, well I’m not the one with the curfew.


David: Did I tell you I ran into Valerie yesterday at the store?

Kelly: Hopefully with your cart.



What We Learned Today: 

There is a big difference between crashing your car into a kid, and crashing it into a dumpster.


Rating on a Scale of 1-10 (1 being “Go Back To Minnesota”, 10 being “That Was The Greatest Thing Since David Silver’s Dancing”):


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